How to Choose The Best Printer Repair Service

For you to pick the right printer repair service that suits your business needs, you should consider some important aspects to help make your decision easier:

  • The number of printers you have in your business: Do you have the right amount? Can the number of printers make your business run more efficiently and lower costs?
  • The size and type of printers in your business: Sometimes size does matter. You may find that changing the type and size of printers at your office can do wonders to your bottomline.
  • What your budget is for repairing and maintaining your printers: If you don’t have a plan and budget for preventative maintenance your going to need one. It will save you time and money long-term every time.
  • How often your machines need service: Printers are just like cars they need regular service and supplies so service them.
  • The types of services your warranty covers: Get familiar with your warranty. When your printers need service it’s not the best time to pull out your warranty to try and figure out what’s covered.

What to lookout for

Phone Support and Resolution

Does the company offer a Help Desk with trained troubleshooters to resolve smaller problems? Can someone help clear error codes, restart software or offer suggestions for how to remove that nasty gray line that keeps printing on the page? Some companies will do this whether you have a service contract or not.

Quick Response Times

Once you place that call, how quickly is someone going to show up? Will they let you know someone is on the way and how long it will be before they arrive? Does the copier technician call and ask you what the problem is so he or she can arrive armed with the right parts so the issue is fixed in one visit?

Proactive Parts Replacement

Some companies and/or technicians starve machines. Parts are only replaced when they break and machines are forced to keep on clicking until they just won’t. Find a company that puts clients and uptime first. If one part is bad, and it’s part of an assembly that has four others parts at 80% of their life, will they replace them all to stabilize the device and prevent another service call in a few weeks? If not, keep on looking.

Online Portal

The ability to request service, order supplies and give meter counts online, through a client portal for your convenience, is a bonus that not many companies offer. Look for one that does. Automated systems like this also often send emails when your service call is placed, when the technician is dispatched, and then follow up with call notes when the call is closed.

Diversified Technicians

In the best case scenario, when that printer service technician arrives they can diagnose the problem, have the parts with them and repair your printer, and then you don’t see them again for a long time. But what if your key operator has a question about scanning or another application? Some companies might need to call in another technician to come onsite to fix that issue, which means more downtime for you. Look for technicians who are well-rounded and can fix multiple issues at the same time, in one visit.

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Onsite Storage of Parts & Supplies

For some businesses, such as Print-for-Pay or Commercial Printers, copier and printer downtime brings their entire business to a halt. Under certain conditions, some copier repair partners will store frequently used parts and supplies at your business. They may also train your key operators to replace certain parts, thereby increasing your productivity and reducing downtime.


Does your copier service repair technician smile? Do they like their job? If not, it probably says something about the company. Find a printer repair service where people enjoy their work; employee satisfaction and happiness says a lot about a company and you want the best service and copier maintenance you can find!

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